Be Ispired! (In English)


Not having to make choices or searching for alternatives is ideal. With a clear mind we see reality as it is and focus spontaneously on the right direction. Self-analysis helps us recognise that it is the “self” (Ego) which prevents spontaneity and a clear perception of reality. Consequently we wish to eliminate it. Releasing from the “self”, though, cannot possibly be considered a selfish wish. Liberation occurs only when we surrender to the natural flow of events. When we respect the natural flow of events we act spontaneously with no need to think what to do. We do not have planned goals. We pursue fluid goals according to our nature. In doing so we are in harmony with our inner essence and the external world. An action is to be considered spontaneous only in presence of a lack of goals leading to emptiness. The continuous activity of the separate self creates the psychological time, the wait for tomorrow, and therefore all the wishes and fears of men and women. When our mind releases from the clouds of thinking, the “here” and “now” manifests itself in a clean and clear way. This emptiness is essential to a clear perception of reality. In Taoism letting the emptiness act means purifying the mirror of the mind from all intentional motivations aiming at obtaining or avoiding something. As soon as the idea of controlling reality vanishes and we surrender to life, the “self” disappears. From this emptiness, a spontaneous action arises, which is effective because it is free from anxiety. Emptiness helps us live tunefully. It helps us interact with things effortlessly and be part of the flow of endless transformation. Finally, conflicts dissolve and we live in accordance with the evolutionary processes of Nature and Psyche.

Filippo Falzoni Gallerani, Milan, October 2013

[1] This is a teaching by great Chinese Taoist Master Chuang Tzu or Zhuangzi (369 to 286 B.C.) I have translated in a modern language.